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AA5BMulti-OpOperated portable from DM64 in Cibola National Forest.
AC5AASingle Op AllNo 6m antenna, so used a 40m vertical with a tuner. Just made a few qsos for fun.
AJ6TSingle Op 6MSix meter conditions were very poor in California, but there was Es to the PNW and VE7. Some meteor scatter and JT65a QSOs helped fill out the log. My longest QSO was a brief double-hop Es link from CM87 to EL16.
EA1ITCSingle Op QRPHonestly very happy for my first contact on 50mhz on WW contest. My conditions are very QRP, just my FT817 with 5W and using an indoor multi-band antenna.
EO25FSingle Op 2M Tnx for nice contest! EME cndx is very poor - DGRR -14db!
F5MYK/MMSingle Op 6MLooking at my log. Sure, NJ63 is a rare one hi
F6FTB/PHilltopperUsing a KX3 powered by a 2200 MAH LIPO. Antenna was a 2x13m doublet with 450-ohm ladder line and the internal ATU. I use this setup for my SOTA activation but I have discovered this contest during an informal listening period the evening at my portable location for our vacation in central France.
G3YRZSingle Op 6MHad a few hours when the opening was good enough to get some QSOs with my indoor antenna.
IK8YFWSingle Op QRPBeautiful contest, some new one. VY 73
JE1ILPSingle Op QRPUsing IC-7300S 5W output and ant is 8.5m longwire at the veranda of my apartment.
JS3CGHSingle Op 6MThis contest was not famous in Japan but introduced Japanese magazine in June so I knew by it and entry for the first time.
K0NRSingle Op QRPI only got on the air for a short time to make contacts on 2M. Local activity on that band was very light.
K3CCRSingle Op AllK3CCR is the club station at the Collington Continuing-care Retirement Community at FM18ow in MD, just east of DC. For CQ VHF, only N3UM was available. Slow at start: 19 QSOs in 1.7 hrs. BIC, 16 of them in FM18 or FM19! The other 3 Qs: EM10. On 6M. Skip and 2 LOS grids on 2m. VHF rate then went from slow to stop, so I did NAQP RTTY on 20m for an hour. I had planned a 'quick' supper break, but severe thunderstorms extended that to 3.3 hrs. Back on VHF at 0z, some action at last on 6M: 17 Qs in 40 min, 7 on E skip in 5 EN grids. Rate then died again, so I did 1.5 hr. on 40 and 80m RTTY. Sunday morning starting 1413Z I made 12 Qs, 4 in new skip grids. Only 3 local Qs after a long brunch break - nap time! Action again in the last 2 hrs: 19 Qs, 5 new skip grids plus 3 new LOS grids on 2m. Only 5 hr. BIC on VHF. Pleased to work 15 Es grids on 6m with the 40M. Inverted vee on 7th harmonic. When no skip, 6m and 2m mostly local: 43 of 73 qs in FM18 or FM19! Many of the usual VHF stalwarts within LOS never heard.
K3TWSingle Op QRPBand conditions were excellent for QRP!
K4RWSingle Op 6MSix only this year. I had thunderstorms almost all day Saturday so rigs were off. Sunday was good with six opening mid-morning. Worked a few European stations near end of contest, then the thunderstorms arrived again. Typical South Carolina summer afternoons. Had fun and looking forward to the next contest.
K5OLV/PSingle Op AllOperated portable from vacation home in Georgia (EM74GU)
K5QEMulti-OpBands were truly awful. Worst CQWW I have ever seen.
K5XUSingle Op AllAwful band conditions, but did make my second ever contact on 2m SSB this morning.
K5ZDSingle Op 6MSome nice sporadic E QSOs.
K6CSLSingle Op 6MConditions on 6m really poor. Hope next year will be better.
K6UMSingle Op 6MAmazing short skip on 6m to CN80/CM89 (300 miles)
K7KMRSingle Op 6MEnjoyed the opening to Mexico and local contacts. Limited set up due to just moving to DM33; G5RV up about 15 feet and 100w. Thanks to all for your QSOS!
K9JK/RRoverOp'd from 4 grids in WI on Saturday (about 6 hours plus several hours drive time) & 4 grids in IL on Sunday (about 2-1/2 hours). 58 qs/43 ms from WI (Saturday) & 48 qs/37 ms from IL (Sunday). This contest really seemed to put the sporadic in sporadic-E. Nice to make a rover-to-rover QSO with another rover in Quebec. There seemed to be a pipeline for meto the SE on Saturday near the start (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina) and to the E/ENE later (Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Ontario, Quebec & Vermont). It was fun to work a station in FN54 from EN54. Sunday Qs were more local paths but there was some
KC4PXSingle Op 6MNice to work my old friends again. No west coast stations into Florida. Most E
KE0TTSingle Op QRPK3/10 at 5w to a 90-ft. long wire up about 25 feet. Band opened for a short while, enjoyed the QSOs. 73, Dan
KI6JJWSingle Op 2MA radio that gets you on the air is a good radio.
KK4ZDKSingle Op AllThis is my first time in this contest which is a lot of fun, just found out about this the day before. Will be ready for the next one.
KN4YSingle Op 6MSlow Saturday but had fun Sunday.
KX7LSingle Op AllHad to drive down to Portland a couple hours after the contest started on Saturday, and didn
N0JKHilltopperGood Es on 6m to W1, W2, W3, and VE9 Saturday evening.
N2SLOSingle Op AllDecent contest, 6m opened on Saturday night to the EN
N4AJFSingle Op 6MVery poor conditions, few locals on.
N4DLASingle Op AllSix meters opened a crack from my QTH to the Pacific Northwest.
N4PNSingle Op 6MSome good openings and then gone. Sunday much better than Saturday. Thanks to all for the contacts.
N8ZMMulti-OpGood 6m openings and some great DX on 2m!
N9BXSingle Op 6MFirst contest from Mississippi, not many stations on from Mississippi, propagation was also not the best but the homebrew 5-element LFA antenna worked great.
NP3CWSingle Op AllPoor propagation during the event. This time only a total of 12 contacts. Mostly locals with only HK and HP as DX stations.
NZ5GSingle Op AllThat was the most fun I
VA1AVRSingle Op 6MPropagation was very spotty at the best of times. Hope to do better next year when I have my permanent antennas up.
VE3KYSingle Op 6MFirst ever VHF contest. Good conditions and lots of new grids!
VE7IYSingle Op AllWe had a pretty good opening on the first day and a much lesser opening on the second.
W1AIMSingle Op AllA fun contest with a nice 6m opening and some 2m QSOs in between.
W2EGSingle Op 6M250w. 2 hours, 10 min. 80, 40, 20, 10 parallel dipoles and antenna tuner. Best DX: EL97
W3DHJ/RRoverA pretty sad contest from S.E. Colorado. Lack of propagation, and lack of regional participation resulted in a total of 29 QSOs. Nearly the same number of QSOs and 32 more points than my 2015 CQWW VHF and last year I had to QRT after 5 hours on Saturday. Thanks mostly to George, AB
W4HLRSingle Op 6MHad a good time. Saturday was slower than Sunday and Saturday
W5QMSingle Op 6MNot much time to play but last hour had good opening, too many alligators and I had power.
WB2LEBSingle Op 6MNice to hear the South and Midwest in NNJ
WD6DXSingle Op QRPSeveral stations commented my signal was really weak. Really? Running 2w to a low G5RV Jr. I
WG3KHilltopperActivated Apple Orchard Mountain (4215 feet) for the AT Golden Packet event. At that altitude I just had to bring some weak-signal gear. Six meter antenna was a 2-element Buddipole beam and 2m (and 70-cm) antenna was a horizontal loop. Didn
WO3XSingle Op AllThis contest was the first time that I made any contacts with the Yaesu FT-100D. My horizontal antennas have been taken down for tree cutting work nearby. All contacts were made with the Comet GP-15.
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