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Welcome to the official web site of CQ World Wide VHF Contest. The contest promotes VHF activity on the 6 and 2 meter bands with participation from around the world.

CQ World Wide VHF Contest

Begins: 1800 UTC Saturday, July 15, 2017

Ends: 2100 UTC Sunday, July 16, 2017

Search Results

Search the online database for any station or operator call sign:


View the online database for all entries since 2005.

Logs Received

You can view the list of received logs here. If you have submitted a log that the robot recognizes you will receive a receipt from it. If you can't see your callsign in the list of received logs, try submitting to the robot again (after checking for errors). Note that in the days immediately following the contest, processing may take a while with the large number of submissions.

W/VE Stations Not Operating From The Home QTH

If you are not ROVER nor HILLTOPPER please use the LOCATION (ARRL-SECTION) line in the Cabrillo file to put the state you operated from (since using QRA locators to determine this can be ambiguous in some cases).

Future Contest Dates

July 21-22, 2018

July 20-21, 2019

Log Submission Checklist

Make sure that your log conforms to the standard Cabrillo format, in particular the following requirements to avoid having the robot bounce your log:

  • The first line begins with START-OF-LOG:
  • There is a CALLSIGN: line.
  • There is a NAME: line with only one name even for multi operator entries.
  • There are ADDRESS: lines with a correct postal address. There should only be one address even for multi operator entries.
  • BAND should be ALL, 144, 50, 6M or 2M
  • There are QSO: lines (yes, really).
  • Do not put in RST's - the contest exchange is only your grid square
  • The last line contains only END-OF-LOG:

Most recent version logging programs conform to the Cabrillo format, but check your version!


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