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CQ World Wide VHF Contest

Submitting Logs

The CQ WW VHF Contest Committee asks everyone who participates in the contest to submit their log in electronic format. Even small logs are very helpful in the log checking process and are greatly appreciated.

The preferred method of submitting the log is using the web upload option, that will check for possible errors or inconsistencies. Logs in Cabrillo format can be uploaded, checked and submitted using the Log Check page.

If you do not have a Cabrillo file, you can use the ADIF converter page to create one.

You can view the current list of logs received here.

Log Submission Checklist

Make sure that your log conforms to the standard Cabrillo format with the fields required for the CQ WW VHF Contest. In particular check the following in your log:

Most recent version logging programs conform to the Cabrillo format, but check your version!

Log Processing

Check the Cabrillo file header closely before submitting your log. Items may have been omitted or may be incomplete. If you did not answer all of the questions correctly when you set up the contest in the logging program or have changed your mind about your category, or the operator list has changed and you do not correct these items, the wrong information WILL get posted to the Cabrillo file. Whatever is recorded in the header of your Cabrillo file at the time you submit your log is how we will process your entry. 

Completely fill out the header information in the Cabrillo file. You can do this while you are setting up the contest information in the logging program, or afterward using a well-behaved text editor like Notepad or the DOS editor.

Once your log has been submitted correctly, you will receive an e-mail containing a tracking (confirmation) number. Once you receive the tracking number, your log has been accepted.

The only way to change your log entry once the robot has accepted it is for you to submit another log.

Web Form for Typing in Paper Logs

WA7BNM has created a web page where you can type in your paper logs and convert them into Cabrillo format.

Click here to go to the web form.

The form will allow you to enter your log and have it submitted directly to the robot at cqvhf@cqww-vhf.com.


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