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#CallYearCategoryScore  QSOs  Mults  QTHGridOperator(s) Cert
1K2DRH2006Single Op All700,7011,681  361  W‑IL  EN41   
2K3EAR2006Multi-Op640,2761,454  364  W‑PA  FM19   
3K8GP2006Multi-Op531,5081,246  356  W‑WV  FM08   
4W3ZZ2003Multi-Op459,6501,187  290  W‑WV  FM09   
5K5QE2006Multi-Op379,9981,202  279  W‑TX  EM31   
6AC0RA/R2020Rover378,308612  458  W‑IL  EM59 EM69 EN31 ...   
7W3SO2006Multi-Op375,2401,019  318  W‑PA  FN00   
8K1TOL2006Single Op 6M358,4491,313  273  W‑ME  FN44   
9K1TEO2006Single Op All348,0361,173  276  W‑CT  FN31   
10AC0RA/R2019Rover327,240689  404  W‑IL  EM59 EM69 EN31 ...   
11AC0RA/R2018Rover314,226679  414  W‑IA  EM69  AC0RA KG5CCI
12K5QE2018Multi-Op311,982838  326  W‑TX  EM31  K5QE N5YA N1XS AE5VB VE3WY WA5CAM AF8Z
13KB8U2006Single Op All298,422908  281  W‑MI  EN71   
14OK1KIM2005Multi-Op293,940822  207  OK  JO60  OK1DDO OK1DFC OK1DTC OK1ES OK1HGM OK1RI
15W1XX2006Single Op All284,3251,073  255  W‑RI  FN41   
16OK1KIM2006Multi-Op264,616776  194  OK     
17W6OAL2006Single Op 6M242,4241,036  234  W‑CO     
18HA6W2014Multi-Op239,316698  259  HA  KN08  HA0MK HA0LZ HA6ZFA HA5OKU HA6WX HA0LO ...
19K1WHS2007Multi-Op236,953958  211  W‑ME  FN43  K1WHS K1BX N1ESE WW1M
20K5QE2007Multi-Op230,436826  222  W‑TX  EM31  K5QE K5MQ
21N0VZJ2006Single Op All229,360848  244  W‑MN  EN35   
22N3HBX2006Single Op All228,816886  252  W‑MD  FM19   
23K9NS2012Multi-Op227,766753  238  W‑IL  EN52   
24K8GP2007Multi-Op226,240798  224  W‑WV  FM08  K3CB W3ZZ W4XP K8ISK
25N0DQS/R2006Rover219,324591  294  W‑     
26W0EEA2006Single Op All219,072970  224  W‑CO  DM79   
27K5QE2008Multi-Op218,986789  223  W‑TX  EM31   
28K2DRH2007Single Op All216,138771  221  W‑IL  EN41   
29K2DRH2003Single Op All212,952712  228  W‑IL  EN41   
30K3EAR2007Multi-Op210,045748  209  W‑PA  FM19  K9PW N1JFU N3GH WA1HHN WG3E
31K5QE2012Multi-Op205,318689  251  W‑TX  EM31   
32K5QE2010Multi-Op202,224605  264  W‑TX  EM31  K5QE K5MQ NR5M N1XS EC5KXA
33W2MMD2006Single Op 6M199,650825  242  W‑NJ  FM29   
34K5QE2014Multi-Op198,930560  285  W‑TX  EM31  W7XU N0QJM K5MQ AE5VB K5QE N5YA KE5VKZ ...
35NW5E2006Single Op 6M198,720960  207  W‑FL  EL98   
36K1TEO2019Single Op All189,924801  204  W‑CT  FN31   
37W5PR2006Single Op 6M189,006867  218  W‑TX  EL29   
38K5QE2011Multi-Op187,392651  244  W‑TX  EM31  N1XS K5MQ K5QE K5AIH N5NU
39K5QE2013Multi-Op185,885699  235  W‑TX  EM31   
40UT1I2011Multi-Op185,310613  213  UR  KN98  UY6IM UT7IY UR7IMM UT3IB UT0IH UR3IQT ...
41WD5K2006Single Op 6M180,544868  208  W‑TX  EM12   
42K5QE2017Multi-Op180,155585  263  W‑TX  EM31  K5QE N5NU N1XS N5YA AE5VB K5MQ W4KXY K7RSM
43K8GP2008Multi-Op176,774739  169  W‑VA  FM19   
44EA8DBM2019Single Op All174,324575  292  EA8  IL18   
45K9JK/R2006Rover172,542464  298  W‑     
46K2DRH2011Single Op All167,400668  200  W‑IL  EN41   
47KC9BQA2006Single Op All163,737693  207  W‑WI  EN63   
48K2DRH2010Single Op All163,415634  203  W‑IL  EN41   
49UT1I2010Multi-Op162,162563  189  UR  KN98  UT1I UT7IY UR7IMM UT1IC
50NN1N2006Single Op 6M161,805805  201  W‑CT  FN31   
51K2DRH2008Single Op All159,996618  201  W‑IL  EN41   
52OK1KIM2004Multi-Op156,180613  137  OK  JO60  OK1DDO OK1DTC OK1HGM OK1RI
53W1QK2006Single Op 6M155,036791  196  W‑CT  FN31   
54HA6W2020Multi-Op154,428494  204  HA  KN08  HA0LZ HA0LO HA6ZFA HA6WX HA5OKU HA0MK ...
55N0URW2006Single Op All150,903619  207  W‑IA  EN41   
56N4SVC2019Multi-Op150,903679  207  W‑FL  EM80  KD4AMP W4NQP N2CEI
57OK1KIM2009Multi-Op150,535543  161  OK  JO60   
58K5QE2019Multi-Op148,736577  224  W‑TX  EM31  K5QE K5MQ N5YA N1XS AE5AE KC4SW AF8Z KA5D
59EA8DBM2018Single Op All147,686538  274  EA8  IL18   
60NR5M2013Single Op 6M146,688764  192  W‑TX  EM10   
61K2DRH2017Single Op All144,534551  221  W‑IL  EN41  AC0RA
62AC0RA2021Single Op 6M143,585619  235  W‑IA  EN42   
63AC0RA2022Single Op All143,488490  236  W‑IA  EN42   
64K1TEO2021Single Op All143,218582  202  W‑CT  FN31   
65K1TO2019Single Op 6M142,100700  203  W‑FL  EL87   
66UR7D2010Multi-Op141,576445  204  UR  KN18  UT5DL UT7DK UT7DX UZ5DZ UZ5DU
67EA8DBM2016Single Op All140,904617  228  EA8  IL18   
68K2DRH2019Single Op All140,693605  199  W‑IL  EN41   
69K2DRH2018Single Op All140,513548  227  W‑IL  EN41   
70W5PR2018Single Op 6M140,400650  216  W‑TX  EL29   
71N4MM2006Single Op 6M140,266602  233  W‑VA  FM09   
72W5PR2013Single Op 6M138,567741  187  W‑TX  EL29   
73KC4PX2003Single Op 6M136,935743  179  W‑FL  EL98   
74K2DRH2012Single Op All136,620534  198  W‑IL  EN41   
75K1TEO2013Single Op All135,372608  174  W‑CT  FN31   
76W4VHF2003Rover135,286494  173  W‑     
77W4VHF2019Multi-Op133,724520  202  W‑NC  EM96  W3DQS W3GQ KU4V W3OA N4UFP KI4TZ W4GRW
78N2BJ2006Multi-Op133,015607  185  W‑IL  EN61   
79W4VHF2021Multi-Op131,053461  221  W‑NC  EM96  W3GQ NI4E W3OA W4MW KU4V AA4ZZ W4GRW
80W4WA2006Single Op All130,609584  211  W‑GA  EM84   
81K2LIM2013Multi-Op129,192570  168  W‑NY  FN12   
82DL2OM2019Single Op All129,117460  223  DL  JO30   
83HA6W2013Multi-Op128,982537  166  HA  KN08   
84W3SO2003Multi-Op128,760538  135  W‑PA  FN00   
85K1WHS2009Multi-Op126,880639  160  W‑ME  FN43   
86OK1KIM2008Multi-Op125,528524  136  OK  JO60   
87K5QE2015Multi-Op125,528402  221  W‑TX  EM31   
88K2LIM2018Multi-Op125,440486  196  W‑NY  FN12  KA2LIM W9KXI WB2ONA NX2W KB2YCC
89WA2FGK2003Single Op All123,876536  186  W‑PA  FN21  K2LNS
90HA6W2019Multi-Op123,246455  167  HA  KN08  HA0LC HA0LZ HA0MK HA0LO HA0MP HA6WX ...
91OK2KJT2003Multi-Op122,914566  151  OK  JN99   
92K2DRH2021Single Op All121,402525  202  W‑IL  EN41   
93W3SO2011Multi-Op121,242524  167  W‑PA  FN00  W3BTX W3IDT W3TEF W3TM W3YOZ
94KC4PX2019Single Op 6M121,176612  198  W‑FL  EL98   
95W4RX2012Single Op All120,911561  161  W‑VA  FM19   
96K8GP2016Multi-Op120,690548  162  W‑VA  FM19  W8ZN K1RZ ND3F
97W4VHF2006Rover119,259476  189  W‑     
98K2LIM2017Multi-Op119,024488  172  W‑NY  FN12  KA2LIM W9KXI KB2YCC
99K1TEO2020Single Op All118,716568  156  W‑CT  FN31   
100W3SO2012Multi-Op118,692544  157  W‑PA  FN00   
14624 results found
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