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#CallYearCategoryScore  QSOs  Mults  QTHGridOperator(s) Cert
1K3EAR2006Multi-Op640,2761,454  364  W3‑PA  FM19    
2K8GP2006Multi-Op531,5081,246  356  W8‑WV  FM08    
3W3ZZ2003Multi-Op459,6501,187  290  W8‑WV  FM09    
4K5QE2006Multi-Op379,9981,202  279  W5‑TX  EM31    
5W3SO2006Multi-Op375,2401,019  318  W3‑PA  FN00    
6K5QE2018Multi-Op311,982838  326  W5‑TX  EM31  K5QE N5YA N1XS AE5VB VE3WY ...
7OK1KIM2005Multi-Op293,940822  207  OK  JO60  OK1DDO OK1DFC OK1DTC OK1ES ... 
8OK1KIM2006Multi-Op264,616776  194  OK      
9HA6W2014Multi-Op239,316698  259  HA  KN08  HA0MK HA0LZ HA6ZFA HA5OKU HA6WX ...
10K1WHS2007Multi-Op236,953958  211  W1‑ME  FN43  K1WHS K1BX N1ESE WW1M 
11K5QE2007Multi-Op230,436826  222  W5‑TX  EM31  K5QE K5MQ 
12K9NS2012Multi-Op227,766753  238  W9‑IL  EN52   
13K8GP2007Multi-Op226,240798  224  W8‑WV  FM08  K3CB W3ZZ W4XP K8ISK 
14K5QE2008Multi-Op218,986789  223  W5‑TX  EM31    
15K3EAR2007Multi-Op210,045748  209  W3‑PA  FM19  K9PW N1JFU N3GH WA1HHN WG3E 
16K5QE2012Multi-Op205,318689  251  W5‑TX  EM31   
17K5QE2010Multi-Op202,224605  264  W5‑TX  EM31  K5QE K5MQ NR5M N1XS EC5KXA 
18K5QE2014Multi-Op198,930560  285  W5‑TX  EM31  W7XU N0QJM K5MQ AE5VB K5QE N5YA ...
19K5QE2011Multi-Op187,392651  244  W5‑TX  EM31  N1XS K5MQ K5QE K5AIH N5NU 
20K5QE2013Multi-Op185,885699  235  W5‑TX  EM31   
21UT1I2011Multi-Op185,310613  213  UR  KN98  UY6IM UT7IY UR7IMM UT3IB UT0IH ... 
22K5QE2017Multi-Op180,155585  263  W5‑TX  EM31  K5QE N5NU N1XS N5YA AE5VB K5MQ ...
23K8GP2008Multi-Op176,774739  169  W4‑VA  FM19    
24UT1I2010Multi-Op162,162563  189  UR  KN98  UT1I UT7IY UR7IMM UT1IC 
25OK1KIM2004Multi-Op156,180613  137  OK  JO60  OK1DDO OK1DTC OK1HGM OK1RI 
26HA6W2020Multi-Op154,428494  204  HA  KN08  HA0LZ HA0LO HA6ZFA HA6WX HA5OKU ...
27N4SVC2019Multi-Op150,903679  207  W4‑FL  EM80  KD4AMP W4NQP N2CEI
28OK1KIM2009Multi-Op150,535543  161  OK  JO60    
29K5QE2019Multi-Op148,736577  224  W5‑TX  EM31  K5QE K5MQ N5YA N1XS AE5AE KC4SW ...
30UR7D2010Multi-Op141,576445  204  UR  KN18  UT5DL UT7DK UT7DX UZ5DZ UZ5DU 
31W4VHF2019Multi-Op133,724520  202  W4‑NC  EM96  W3DQS W3GQ KU4V W3OA N4UFP ...
32N2BJ2006Multi-Op133,015607  185  W9‑IL  EN61    
33W4VHF2021Multi-Op131,053461  221  W4‑NC  EM96  W3GQ NI4E W3OA W4MW KU4V AA4ZZ ...
34K2LIM2013Multi-Op129,192570  168  W2‑NY  FN12   
35HA6W2013Multi-Op128,982537  166  HA  KN08   
36W3SO2003Multi-Op128,760538  135  W3‑PA  FN00    
37K1WHS2009Multi-Op126,880639  160  W1‑ME  FN43    
38K5QE2015Multi-Op125,528402  221  W5‑TX  EM31   
39OK1KIM2008Multi-Op125,528524  136  OK  JO60    
40K2LIM2018Multi-Op125,440486  196  W2‑NY  FN12  KA2LIM W9KXI WB2ONA NX2W KB2YCC
41HA6W2019Multi-Op123,246455  167  HA  KN08  HA0LC HA0LZ HA0MK HA0LO HA0MP ...
42OK2KJT2003Multi-Op122,914566  151  OK  JN99    
43W3SO2011Multi-Op121,242524  167  W3‑PA  FN00  W3BTX W3IDT W3TEF W3TM W3YOZ 
44K8GP2016Multi-Op120,690548  162  W4‑VA  FM19  W8ZN K1RZ ND3F
45K2LIM2017Multi-Op119,024488  172  W2‑NY  FN12  KA2LIM W9KXI KB2YCC
46W3SO2012Multi-Op118,692544  157  W3‑PA  FN00   
47K5QE2020Multi-Op118,000395  236  W5‑TX  EM31  K5QE N5YA N1XS AF8Z
48K5QE2016Multi-Op115,050542  178  W5‑TX  EM31  K5QE N5YA AE5VB N5CMI AF8Z W5LD ...
49K5QE2022Multi-Op113,940445  211  W5‑TX  EM31  K5QE N5YA KI5MHB AF8Z KF5LKG ...
50K2LIM2012Multi-Op111,888539  148  W2‑NY  FN12   
51KB0HH2013Multi-Op109,548566  179  W5‑OK  EM06   
52UU9A2011Multi-Op109,482477  213  UR  KN64  UT5JAJ UT5JDS UU9JH UU9CW 
53W3SO2008Multi-Op108,332531  146  W3‑PA  FN00    
54K8GP2017Multi-Op107,484460  169  W4‑VA  FM19  W8ZN K1RA
55IR9K2019Multi-Op107,300492  185  I  JM67  IT9DSZ IT9KXK IT9YMM IT9HLC ...
56W3SO2019Multi-Op107,261443  199  W3‑PA  FN00  W3IDT W3XOX W3YOZ WA3TTS W3BC ...
57W3SO2007Multi-Op106,977468  169  W3‑PA  FN00  W3BTX WR3Z W3SF W3YOZ 
58W4MW2013Multi-Op106,377511  177  W4‑NC  EM96   
59UR7D2009Multi-Op106,095415  165  UR  KN18    
60YM0KA2000Multi-Op103,924632  157  TA  KM29    
61YM0KA2000Multi-Op103,924632  157  TA  KM29    
62KA2LIM2010Multi-Op103,016487  163  W2‑NY  FN12  KA2LIM KB2YCC NX2W 
63W3SO2005Multi-Op99,883529  133  W3‑PA  FN00  W3BTX W3TEF W3SF W3YOZ 
64F6IFR2001Multi-Op99,720460  120  F  JN09    
65N4SVC2022Multi-Op99,182438  202  W4‑FL  EM80  WB2FKO K1UHF KE4PWE KD4AMP N2CEI
66W3SO2013Multi-Op97,908453  164  W3‑PA  FN00   
67K5QE2009Multi-Op96,117384  161  W5‑TX  EM31    
68N8ZM2012Multi-Op96,030443  165  W8‑OH  EN80   
69HA6W2016Multi-Op95,029382  163  HA  KN08  HA0LC HA0LO HA0LZ HA0MK HA5OKU ...
70W4VHF2018Multi-Op94,875462  165  W4‑NC  EM96  KU4V AA4ZZ W4GRW N4UFP W3GQ W3OA
71AF4HX2003Multi-Op94,360429  140  W4‑NC  EM96    
72N4SVC2020Multi-Op93,120404  192  W4‑FL  EM80  KD4AMP K4SME WB2ONA K4KSA N2CEI
73KB1DFB2008Multi-Op92,568551  133  W1‑CT  FN41    
74K2LIM2016Multi-Op91,605443  155  W2‑NY  FN12  KA2LIM W9KXI NX2W KB2YCC N4VC
75W8ZN2022Multi-Op91,184423  164  W4‑VA  FM09  W8ZN K1RA K1RZ
76WD9EXD2020Multi-Op91,107362  191  W9‑IL  EM57  WD9EXD KD9OIM
77N4ION2001Multi-Op89,960493  173  W4‑AL  EM62    
78OK1KIM2010Multi-Op87,904379  134  OK  JO60  OK1DO OK1DTC OK1ES OK1HGM ... 
79KA2LIM2008Multi-Op86,032460  152  W2‑NY  FN12    
80W3SO2017Multi-Op85,760387  160  W3‑PA  FN00  W3IDT WA3TTS W3BTX W3XOX W3BC ...
81CQ3A2006Multi-Op85,070449  181  CT  IM12    
82IR9K2022Multi-Op82,875370  195  I  JM67  IT9DSZ IT9KXK IT9IVU IT9RJE ...
83K5QE2023Multi-Op82,543314  197  W5‑STX  EM31  K5QE K5SAB N5YA KA5D KV5W KF5LKG
84W4MW2011Multi-Op82,399423  131  W4‑NC  EM96  W4MW K4DXA K8YC KI4TZ N4LED ... 
85K2LIM2011Multi-Op81,620408  140  W2‑NY  FN12  KA2LIM KB2YCC W9KXI WA3CSP N2IK 
86UV6I2012Multi-Op81,548427  116  UR  KN98   
874O6BLM2022Multi-Op80,080344  176  4O  JN92  4O5JD 4O6ZD 4O3BUP 4O6LEE 4O4GIG
88W4MW2023Multi-Op80,028357  171  W4‑NC  EM96  AA4ZZ W4MW KU4V W4GRW W3GQ W3OA
89KB1DFB2009Multi-Op79,488481  128  W1‑CT  FN41    
90N8GA2019Multi-Op78,916354  181  W8‑OH  EN80  N8ZM K8DZ WB8ART W8BFT W8PLZ ...
91W4MW2015Multi-Op78,600362  150  W4‑NC  EM96   
92AM05SR2014Multi-Op78,210474  165  EA  IM76  EA5GF EA7IYI EA5HYC EA5SR EA5BJ ...
93KA2LIM2009Multi-Op76,962439  127  W2‑NY  FN12    
94W3SO2016Multi-Op76,708386  151  W3‑PA  FN00  W3IDT WA3TTS W3BC W3BTX W3YOZ
95F6IFR2002Multi-Op76,208446  88  F  JN09    
96NN7AZ2017Multi-Op76,024371  172  W7‑AZ  DM32  AA7A KC1BB KC7V WO7R
97CQ3A2005Multi-Op71,278443  157  CT3  IM12  CT3CD CT3CK CT3EX CT3FQ CT3HF ... 
98OK1KIM2003Multi-Op69,454451  77  OK  JO60    
99K2LIM2014Multi-Op69,125405  125  W2‑NY  FN12  KA2LIM W9KXI KB2YCC WA3CSP
100N2NT2017Multi-Op69,000365  138  W2‑NJ  FN20  N2NT N2NC WW2Y
1031 results found
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